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the wiki

The wiki is a collection of web pages created by Boalt students to serve the needs of the Boalt community. It is a veritable treasure trove of information for students. You can learn, for example, how to start your own journal or organization. You can also learn all about the computing resources available on the UC Berkeley campus and beyond. You can learn how to be a webmaster for a site hosted on You can even learn more about the issues that matter most to The best part about the wiki, however, is that YOU can make it better! One of the strengths of wikis is that collaborative authorship can be a great way of providing information and documentation to a tightly-knit community. So feel free to edit what's there and to add pages of your own. Your classmates will thank you!

the bulletin board

The bulletin board is a group of online forums to exchange ideas and interact with other members of the Boalt community. It is far more interactive than the BBB, and allows students to coordinate and voice their concerns in real time. Whether you're looking for a co-sponsor for your group's lunch talk, looking for a place to vent your frustrations about the fee increases, looking for a place to buy/sell used textbooks, or just looking for the best local restaurants, the bulletin board is the place to visit first!

the master calendar

The master calendar allows you to find out the time, location, and description of events happening at Boalt Hall. Student groups and organizations should submit their own calendars of events to make the resource more complete. The more groups that participate the more useful this will be, allowing groups to do long-range planning and to avoid conflicts as much as is possible. Send your group's .ics calendar file to and keep it updated! Programs that can create .ics files include Mac's iCal, Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird and others.

the free software cd

The Free Software CD is a collection of programs for computers running a Mac OS X or Windows operating system. The programs included provide powerful (and often superior) replacements to traditional proprietary products. Around 100 copies of the CD were given out in February of 2004. The Free Software CD project is currently in version 1.0 (Pre-Socratic) and will be updated and revised for the Fall Semester. Visit the Free Software CD site for support and details on the programs included on the CD!

the archived site

The archived site is a time portal to an earlier day in's history. You can view the site as it existed prior to the redesign in early 2004. Since there are many pages that only exist in the old site, we will keep this archive of past Boalt history alive for future generations of students. Some resources on the old site that you might be interested in: