"for the lawyer who dares to dream . . ."

Peter Gallagher and Jason Balitzer, '06, winner of the first annual Sandy Cohen Fellowship

"I love the fact that [the OC at Boalt] are encouraging people to go into the public defender's office, and the fact that it happens to be based on a character I play is all gravy. I think this club is amazing. They aren't lampooning [Sandy] as an impossible dreamer missing out on a fat paycheck. Instead, they are encouraging people to do the right thing.

- Peter Gallagher, quoted in the Oakland Tribune

After 15 years as a public defender could this guy really sell out???

The Sandy Cohen fellowship is a summer grant for students seeking opportunities to work as a public defender, a la Sandy Cohen in Episodes 1-7 of The OC. It is a tremendous honor.

Donations to the Sandy Cohen fellowship are much appreciated. Here are instructions for making your tax-deductible donation to the Sandy Cohen fellowship:

2. Specify your donation amount in the box for "Other" donations
3. Under special instructions, type "Sandy Cohen Public Defender Fellowship"
4. Fill out other information and submit