The OC at Boalt? Is that actually a club?

Hell's yeah. I'm in it. We actually have 70 members! [people are always amazed that there are so many members]

Is the show even that good?

It's like 90210 and Dawson's Creek and My So Called Life, but so much better! It's totally awesome!!! Stanley, a new member, actually got teary eyed upon watching his first episode!

I've never been to Orange County . . . Will I get it?

Have you ever been to Marin?

I haven't seen any episodes. Will I understand what's going on?

This isn't Twin Peaks. It's very narrative, very linear. Complex stock characters, which is why you love them. It's why the show is so smart. It's what Smallville and Gilmore Girls just totally missed. This show is totally awesome.

I'm already addicted to Friends and West Wing. Is this show better?

Fuck you. That is like, totally insulting.

Is this like, some kind of cult?

Not really . . . [awkward silence]

Is there food at meetings?

The best kind: popcorn!

Seriously, though, how awesome is the club?

Totally awesome!