Pictures from Peter Gallagher's visit to Boalt, on April 22, 2004, to present the Sandy Cohen Fellowship to Jason Balitzer!

Peter approaches the Goldberg room, by passing through the Orange Gauntlet.

Peter is interviewed by Fox Morning News (KTVU Channel 2) in the Boalt courtyard.

Peter takes a picture with the Commander in Chief of the OC at Boalt, John

Peter talks about the need for Public Defenders in this country. The audience is captivated.

Peter congratulates the first ever Sandy Cohen Fellowship winner, Jason Balitzer '06.

John and Brendan begin a question and answer session entitled "Inside the OC Actor's Studio," with their special guest, Peter.

John asks Peter to sing a song. After thinking for a while about what song to sing, Peter serenades the audience with "The Best is Yet to Come." Thunderous applause ensues.

Peter takes pictures with the OC at Boalt club members and thanks them for their good work.

Peter signs the original OC at Boalt poster, made by Minister of Information Lesley

Peter signs the shirt of a loyal OC at Boalt member. He made her day!

OC at Boalt members take pictures, to remember this momentous occasion.

Peter says goodbye and leaves. We look forward to seeing him next year!