On November 11, 2004, Peter Gallagher was a featured guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here is a transcript of a portion of their conversation, where Peter discusses the Sandy Cohen Fellowship:

Jimmy: I heard that there is actually a fellowship at UC Berkeley
named after your character?

Peter: Yeah!

Jimmy: That seems...a fellowship is where they give a student money...

Peter: yes.

Jimmy: in exchange for good grades?

Peter: It was the coolest thing that happened. There were these kids at Boalt Law School at UC Berkeley, which is one of the top law schools, and these are kids who usually will go fast track to corporate law or prosecute at the district attorney's office, anything that will fast track them to a successful...They were so taken with the show and with Sandy Cohen cuz I play a public defender, who defends people with no money and you know all sorts of people, that they started the Sandy Cohen Fellowship. (giggles from Jimmy) For lawyers who dare to dream. And so every year...I went and awarded it this year....we give money to somebody who wants to take an unpaid position in a public defender's office anywhere in the country and help provide legal defense for indigent, you know, people without money, people who really, really need it.

Jimmy: And do any of these lawyers want it?

Peter: Yeah. (applause) Yeah!!

Jimmy: They take the money and they hit the road?

Peter: NO! They go and....no....Last year there was a really talented law student who served in the San Francisco public defender's office. It was something they hadn't really thought of, because its not really promoted, there's nothing you know glamorous, or you know..you're not going to get rich there, but it's a very compelling pursuit. It's better than a Sandy Cohen doll.

Jimmy: It's strange. Has anyone ever named a fellowship at a real university after..

Peter: I don't know, but I think its the coolest thing!

Jimmy: Yeah, well sure.

Peter: It was like one of the greatest things that happened last year.

Jimmy: Were you upset they didn't name it after you specifically?

Peter: No, it was perfect!

Jimmy: Uh huh. It was alright?

Peter: For them, you know, Sandy Cohen was alive.