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Web Publishing encourages student publishing at UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law. Because a tech-educated law school class is one of our goals, we have collected a list of resources for students and student groups wanting to learn how to publish on the Web.

When our sever is up-and-running some time this semester, Boalt student groups, journals and individual students will be eligible for account space on Check back here for more information on how to get an account and publish on our page.

On a limited case-by-case basis, will help student groups and journals get online through free web design services. Please see our requirements below before emailing the Webmaster.

Web Resources

HTML for Beginners
Don't know HTML? Don't know what HTML is? Take the step-by-step, no-skill-required tutorial at this page and learn the language of the Web. recommends learning the code through this process. It's easy! You're smart enough to have learned the Rule Against Perpetuities... HTML is fun child's play compared to that!

Dreamweaver Tutorial
So the only "code" you know -- or want to know -- is your area code, eh? But you still want to be on the Web? Check out the Dreamweaver tutorial graciously crafted by the folks at Boalt Hall's Computer Services Dept. With Dreamweaver, non-techies can layout their Web pages with point-and-click ease. Although we encourage students to learn HTML, this tutorial provides an excellent guide for those wishing to keep away from the code. The Dreamweaver 2.0 software from this tutorial is available for use at the Boalt Hall library computer lab.

Student Multimedia Computer Available
The Boalt Hall Library computer lab is now equipped with a new multimedia PC. The computer includes a scanner, high quality color printer and speakers. It is also loaded with special software for editing digital images, creating Web pages and other multimedia projects. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Dreamweaver are included. Ask a lab tech for help finding the new multimedia machine.

Requirements for our Design Services
Remember: We're law geeks first, then we're Web geeks. That said, one of's missions is help student groups and journals get online -- especially groups whose constituencies have poor access to technology. If you represent a Boalt Hall student group or journal that is interested in getting online, please read our requirements below. reserves the right to reject applications due to our limited resources or deficiencies in the application.


  1. Content up front -- Student groups and journals must furnish all of their proposed Web site's content up front. can assist student groups in the conceptualization of the page, but since a site can't be designed without content no applications will be accepted without content up front.
  2. Learning the Code -- One student from the journal or group will act as a liaison to and be responsible for learning the basics of HTML by completing the above-listed tutorials. This student will also be in charge of gathering the site's content before designing begins.
  3. Grabbing the Reins -- After the site is designed, the student group or journal will be responsible for its maintenance. will help the fledgling webmaster from requirement #2 get familiar with the code and provide general assistance during the transition. The student entity must then build Web publishing into its institutional memory through the yearly appointment of a webmaster or similar measures.

Still interested? We hope so. It's a lot of work but Web publishing can be a great (and easy) way to reach members, alumni and potential boalties. Email the Webmaster for more information.

Student Organizations

  • Boalt Hall Student Association (BHSA) (New!)
  • Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)
  • Berkeley Law Foundation
  • Boalt Hall BIGS
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender Caucus
  • Boalt Disability Law Society
  • Boalt Environmental Law Society
  • Boalt Hall Federalist Society
  • Boalt Hall Women's Association (BHWA)
  • La Raza Students Association
  • Prisoner Action Coalition (PAC)

    . . . More Student Groups

    Law Journals
  • African-American Law and Policy Report
  • Asian Law Journal (coming soon)
  • Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law
  • Berkeley Journal of International Law
  • Berkeley Technology Law Journal
  • The Berkeley Women's Law Journal
  • California Criminal Law Review
  • California Law Review
  • Ecology Law Quarterly
  • La Raza Law Journal

    Boalt Hall Links

  • Boalt Hall School of Law
  • Berkeley Center for Law and Technology
  • Center for Social Justice

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