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Uncle Zeb Online
Wacky Wisdom, poor puns and advice on law school and life.
Ah, expression. Ain't it grand? Get your irreverant free speech here.
Speaker Series
Explore the public interest in intellectual property.
The Paper Chase (New)
Upload and download class outlines. What competition?
Learn Stuff
Learn about jobs, taking action, web publishing and Law-Tech.

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Learn Stuff
It is's philosophy to connect people with relevant info. Please have some info about:

Learn About Intellectual Property

Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution Process
Check out an emerging international body of domain name and trademark law.

Learn Through Audio Lectures

The Public Interest in Intellectual Property Law
By Prof. Pamela Samuelson, Boalt Hall
Topics: The public interest in IP, fair use, free speech, and the DVD cases
Instructions: You may need to right-click the links below to download the audio lecture.

  • MP3 Format -- 9.6 megs (large download)
  • RealAudio Format -- 2.5 megs

    Learn Techy Geeky Stuff

    Web Publishing
    Express yourself on the World Wide Web.

    Learn About Taking Action

    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    The EFF needs help in their struggle to win the DVD cases. Interested Boalt students can get credit for their Law and Technology Certificate by helping help the EFF with simple tasks such as document summaries and basic website maintenance. Email Geek Eddan Katz for more info at

    Learn About Public Interest Law-Tech Jobs

    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    The EFF accepts qualified law students of all levels for volunteer in a flexible and cutting edge legal environment. Summer and semesterly gigs possible. Email EFF Staff Attorney Robin Gross at for more info.

    Center for Democracy and Technology
    Check out the CDT's job opportunity page for details on the summer and semester-based internship program in Washington D.C.
    For more than 30 years, Nolo has been putting cheap legal info written in plain English in the hands of the people. The've got a job openings page, but don't be discouraged if you don't find internships listed there. Nolo's founder told us that they sometimes take law students on a semsterly basis or even on a more short-term contract basis. Email for details -- and tell them sent you!

    Domain Name Law Reports
    Working for DNLR is more a virtual internship than an physical one. Learn the Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution Process and get a referral letter from DNLR's publisher after completing 10 case summaries. Boalt student can get credit for doing so.


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  • La Raza Students Association
  • Prisoner Action Coalition (PAC)

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  • African-American Law and Policy Report
  • Asian Law Journal (coming soon)
  • Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law
  • Berkeley Journal of International Law
  • Berkeley Technology Law Journal
  • The Berkeley Women's Law Journal
  • California Criminal Law Review
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