Future Interests

Lesser quantums tried to fade this, but I'm back. Reversion style.

To A for Life, then I come back. Reversions stacked like that, cause y'all are slack like that, and class is whack like that.

Yeah, Gilbert'sTM ain't got that.

Crazy conveyance in F[ee] S[imple] D[eterminate], best not front that shit'll come back to me, rapidly. Exams are slappin' Me. ASP don't do jack for me.

Right of Rentry, hell, I got that too. Got crazy conditions on this place, so watch what you do. Got the lot? Maybe so, maybe not. There's not way to know, so you drop crazy flow bout possession, seisen, feudal time reason, it melts in your mind like a stork chocolate reisen.

And it's phat, like my boy Jackie Gleason on honeymoon in leasehold NYC. After it's over it reverts right back to me magically, automatically, drastically as I move to eject with a bullet proof vest to protect me from y'all skeezer A[dverse] P[ossessors] who steal from me slowly. They think that they know me, don't try. 'Cause it's a property drive-by.

Don't know who, don't know how, it's contingent. Pumping bitches like mentodent, invalid instruments bore me, estate problems they floor me, Sam [Sankar] chores me, straight whores me for slots...in his property sweatshop.

O grants interest to C in E[xecutory] I[nterest], crazy trop'cal like Magnum P.I. or a pineapple snapple, I fly off the handle, bat like Mickey Mantle, Estates I dismantle in tail, going straight down the rail -- primogenture, old like Brady Bunch Furniture, graph out that shit while ole' Sub-P is learnin' ya.

Female Testators turn testatrix, breaking heads like bricks, burning shit like matchsticks, smoke a fool like a graffix.