With dope rhymes and crazy mixes, EZ FLOW TOE is coming at ya. Whether it's Property Law from a young G's perspective or a unique twist on the age-old doctrine of consideration, his wild music is sure to delight.

EZ FLOW remarked "Some people might think my music is too violent or crude...hey, that's life at Boalt. I just write what I know, what I see."

EZ FLOW, notorious leader of the Mod 4 Killaz, is a 22-year-old One L at Boalt Hall School of Law in Berkeley. When asked why Boalt attracted him, he answered "B-Town representin'. I wanted to live in a city that reminded me of the worst possible ghetto, and Berkeley was an obvious choice."

ez flow toe wit' tha glow
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1. Future Interests 2:12 html | txt
2. A Day In Tha Life 3:44 html | txt
3. EZ FLOW TOEz Toe2k 3:44 NA | NA