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Daniel Pulver says: "enjoy your summer!" Stay tuned for fall recruitment...

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ELQ maintains an active programs schedule, promoting networking and group bonding. Please stop by to learn what other events are on the horizon.

Importing Calendar Events (page title).

Import Boalt Environmental Events to Personal Calendars

If you use iCal, Google calendar, or Outlook, you can import all the events directly into your calendar by clicking here.

iGoogle Users

If you use “iGoogle” you can subscribe to a feed that will tell you what's happening today—just a one or two line reminder of what's going on that day.

It's easy:

  1. Go to the “add stuff” link on the upper right of your iGoogle page.
  2. Go to the “add feed or gadget” link on the lower left, you'll see “Type or paste the URL below”.
  3. Open up another tab or instance of your browser and go to the Boalt Environmental Events calendar.
  4. Note: if you choose the “this week’s” or “this month’s” it might display old events. We suggest doing it for “today’s” only.

  5. Right click on the “RSS” red botton next to ”today's events” on the left, and select “copy link”.
  6. Go back to the iGoogle “add feed or gadget” thing, and paste the link into the box and click “add”.

iCal, iGoogle, and Outlook are trademarks belonging to their respective owners: Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

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