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ELQ Volume 38 Articles

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Issue 1234

ELQ Volume 38 Issue 4

ELQ presents the fourth issue of Volume 38 (2011).


    The Case for NPDES Regulation of Dam Discharge
    Michael Rhead EnionRead Article (PDF)

    Remaking the World to Save It: Applying U.S. Environmental Laws to Climate Engineering ProjectsTracy HesterRead Article (PDF)

    Requirements for a Renewables Revolution
    Felix MormannRead Article (PDF)

    Access to Justice for Victims of the International Carbon Offset Industry Kylie E. WilsonRead Article (PDF)


    The Political Question Doctrine: An Update in Response to Clmate Change Case LawJill JaffeRead Article (PDF)

ELQ Volume 38 Issue 3

ELQ presents the third issue of Volume 38 (2011), which focuses on takings. Most authors in this participated in panel discussions at the 13th Annual Conference on Litigating Regulatory Takings Challenges to Land Use and Environmental Regulations, which took place at U.C. Berkeley School of Law on November 5, 2010..


    Stop the Stop the Beach Plurality!J. Peter ByrneRead Article (PDF)

    Public Takings of Private Contracts
    John D. EcheverriaRead Article (PDF)

    The Elements of Liability in a Trails Act Taking: A Guide to the Analysis
    Cecilia FexRead Article (PDF)

    Kelo’s Trail: A Survey of State and Federal Legislative and Judicial Activity Five Years Later Marc Mihaly & Turner SmithRead Article (PDF)

    Deciphering and Extrapolating: Searching for Sense in Penn Central R.S. Radford & Luke A WakeRead Article (PDF)


    Why Judicial Takings are UnripeIan FeinRead Article (PDF)

ELQ Volume 38 Issue 2

Students at Berkeley Law bring you another edition of the Annual Review of Natural Resources and Environmental Law.

    • To Achieve Biodiversity Goals, the New Forest Service Planning Rule Needs Effective Mandates for Best Available Science and Adaptive ManagementNell Green NylenRead Article (PDF)
    • Baseline in the Sand: Communities for a Better Environment v. South Coast Air Quality ManagementMegan McQueeney Read Article (PDF)
    • Reframing the Judicial Approach to Injunctive Relief for Environmental Plaintiffs in Monsanto Co. v. Geertson Seed Farms Sarah AxtellRead Article (PDF)
    • Forcing Adaptation through the Rivers and Harbors Act Leah RinderRead Article (PDF)
    • Arizona Cattle Growers' Pyrrhic Victory for Critical Habitat Stephanie BrauerRead Article (PDF)
    • A Proposal to Balance Polluter and Community Intervention in CERCLA LitigationMaya WaldronRead Article (PDF)
    • Are Migratory Birds Extending Criminal Environmental Liability?Alex ArensbergRead Article (PDF)
    • The Tailoring Rule: Exemplifying the Vital Role of Regulatory Agencies in Environmental Protectoin Meredith WilenskyRead Article (PDF)
    • The Gap-Filling Role of Nuisance in Interstate Pollution Emily SangiRead Article (PDF)
    • Precautionary Pulp: Pulp Mills and the Evolving Dispute between International Tribunals over the Reach of the Precautionary PrincipleDaniel KahzdanRead Article (PDF)
    • Book Reviews
    In Brief

ELQ Volume 38 Issue 1

ELQ is proud to present the first issue of Volume 38 (2011), with one piece focusing on the intersections between constitutional environmental rights and state-local land use decision-making systems, and three pieces presenting innovative perspectives on property rights, regarding small-scale renewable energy generation on private land, fishing territory in California, and frontier settlement in the United States and Brazil.

    • A "Constant and Difficult Task": Making Local Land Use Decisions in a State with a Constitutional Right to a Healthful Environment?
      Michelle Bryan MuddRead Article (PDF)
    • Property Rights on the New Frontier: Climate Change, Natural Resource Development, and Renewable Energy
      Alexandra B. KlassRead Article (PDF)
    • The Legal Viability of Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries (TURFs) in CaliforniaKristin N. CardenRead Article (PDF)
        • From Squatter to Settler: Applying the Lessons of Nineteenth Century U.S. Public Policy to Twenty-First Century Land Struggles in Brazil
          Jessica IntratorRead Article (PDF)