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ELQ Volume 36 Articles

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ELQ Volume 36 Issue 4

In this last issue of the year, articles in ELQ tackle three pressing topics: how to support distributed solar generation, how to encourage and build from linkages between emissions permit systems, and how to allocate "grandfathering" rights in a regulated environment.

    • Linking Tradable Permit Systems: A Key Element of Emerging International Climate Policy Architecture
      Judson Jaffe, Matthew Ranson & Robert N. StavinsRead Article (PDF)
    • Allocation and Uncertainty: Strategic Responses to Environmental Grandfathering
      Jonathan NashRead Article (PDF)
    • Letting Solar Shine: An Argument to Temper the Over-the-Fence Rule
      Tim LindlRead Article (PDF)
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ELQ Volume 36 Issue 3

Articles in this issue of ELQ focus on the emergence of global environmental law, the evolution of the standing doctrine to account for probabilistic risks, and the Supreme Court's recent decision in Winter v. Natural Resources Defense Council.

  • Articles
    • The Emergence of Global Environmental Law
      Tseming Yang and Robert V. Percival Read Article (PDF)
      Standing and Statistical Persons: A Risk-Based Approach to Standing
      Bradford MankRead Article (PDF)
      No Whale of a Tale: Legal Implications of Winter v. NRDC
      Joel R. Reynolds, Taryn G. Kiekow, Stephen Zak SmithRead Article (PDF)
      Salmon, Science, and Subsidies, Book Review of Water War in the Klamath Basin: Macho Law, Combat Biology, and Dirty PoliticsIan FeinRead Article (PDF)

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ELQ Volume 36 Issue 2

ELQ is pleased to announce the publication of the 10th Annual Review of Environmental and Natural Resources Law. Each year, Berkeley Law students artfully examine the year's most important and exciting developments in the field. This year is no exception.

    • Creating Flexibility in Interstate Compacts
      Emily JeffersRead Article (PDF)
    • Environmental Conservation Organization v. City of Dallas Creates Unnecessary Burdens for Citizen Suits under the Clean Water Act
      Catherine MongeonRead Article (PDF)
    • Making Snow in the Desert: Defining a Substantial Burden under RFRA
      Jonathan KnappRead Article (PDF)
    • Taking a Hard Look at Agency Science: Can the Courts Ever Succeed?
      Sara A. ClarkRead Article (PDF)
    • Lack of Deference: The Ninth Circuit’s Misstep in NRDC v. EPA
      Adam TrottRead Article (PDF)
    • Realizing Judicial Substantive Due Process in Land Use Claims: The Role of Land Use Statutory Schemes
      Nisha RamachandranRead Article (PDF)
    • Who Can Enforce the Endangered Species Act’s Command for Federal Agencies to Carry Out Conservation Programs?
      Sara GersenRead Article (PDF)
    • EPA’s Fuzzy Bright Line Approach to Residual Risk
      Alex JacksonRead Article (PDF)
    • Risky Business: Barriers to Rationality in Congress
      Rachel R. JonesRead Article (PDF)
    • Consideration of Alternatives in Environmental Impact Reports: The Importance of CEQA’s Procedural Requirements
      Sara WimbergerRead Article (PDF)
    • The Difficulty of Fencing in Interstate Emissions: EPA’s Clean Air Interstate Rule Fails to Make Good Neighbors
      Harry MorenRead Article (PDF)
    In Brief
    • A Compilation of In Brief Articles
      Wu, Fish, Cheng, Hutchins, Kramer, Williams, Hanizavareh, Lum, SchoradtRead Article (PDF)

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ELQ Volume 36 Issue 1

This issue confronts timely issues of environmental law, including climate change, ocean policy, and agency interaction with Native Americans.

  • Articles
    • The Silver Anniversary of the United States’ Exclusive Economic Zone: Twenty-Five Years of Ocean Use and Abuse, and the Possibility of a Blue Water Public Trust Doctrine
      Mary Turnipseed, Stephen E. Roady, Raphael Sagarin, & Larry B. Crowder Read Article (PDF)

      Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vehicle Miles Traveled: Integrating the California Environmental Quality Act with the California Global Warming Solutions Act
      Joanna D. Malaczynski & Timothy P. DuaneRead Article (PDF)

      Tribal-Agency Confidentiality: A Catch-22 for Sacred Site Management?
      Ethan PlautRead Article (PDF)
      Climate Change and the Endangered Species Act: The Difficulty of Proving Causation Matthew GerhartRead Article (PDF)

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