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ELQ Volume 35 Articles

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ELQ Volume 35 Issue 4

The articles in this issue are centered on two broad themes: 1) improving the environmental regulatory experience through learning from other states, countries and international experiences and 2) the failures of administrative law, both in doctrine and in practice, to thoroughly and coherently manage environmental and other problems.  The issue of climate is a third theme that heightens the concerns raised by several of the articles.

  • The Transformation of Modern Administrative Law: Changing Administrations and Environmental Guidance Documents
    Sam KalenRead Article (PDF)
  • Synthesizing TSCA and REACH: Practical Principles for Chemical Regulation Reform
    John ApplegateRead Article (PDF)
  • Environmental Leadership Programs: Toward an Empirical Assessment of Their Performance
    Jonathan C. Borck, Cary Coglianese, Jennifer NashRead Article (PDF)
  • Goblets of Fire: Regulation of Global Warming Amid Potential Impediments Under the U.S. Constitution
    Steven FerreyRead Article (PDF)
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading In New Zealand: Trailblazing Comprehensive Cap And Trade
    Toni MoyesRead Article (PDF)

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ELQ Volume 35 Issue 3

Annual Review: A comprehensive review of the year's most important decisions and issues in environmental law and policy.

  • Loose Canons: An Activist Supreme Court Guns for the Endangered Species Act
    Doug Karpa Read Article (PDF)
  • Settling the Tradeoffs Between Voluntary Cleanup of Contaminated Sites and Cooperation with the Government under CERCLA
    Stefanie GitlerRead Article (PDF)
  • Environmental Defense v. Duke Energy Corp. Paving the Way for "Cap and Trade"?
    Shawn EiseleRead Article (PDF)
  • Giving States More to Stand On: Why Special Solicitude Should Not Be Necessary
    Christie HenkeRead Article (PDF)
  • The Next Step in Revitalizing RCRA: Maine People’s Alliance and the Importance of a Broad Right to Intervene
    Jonathan York Read Article (PDF)
  • Rising Phoenix-Like from the Ashes: An Argument for Expanded Corporate Successor Liability under CERCLAMatt SievingRead Article (PDF)
  • Reversing the Trend Towards Species Extinction, or Merely Halting It?
    Jennifer JeffersRead Article (PDF)
  • The (Almost) All-American Canal: CDEM v. U.S. and the Pursuit of Environmental Justice in Transboundary Resource Management
    Nicole RiesRead Article (PDF)
  • What Went Wrong In San Francisco Baykeeper v. Cargill Salt Division?Genevieve CaseyRead Article (PDF)
  • The Ozone Saga Max Baumhefner Read Article (PDF)
  • Water Supplies Finally Take Center Stage in the Land Use Planning ArenaJamey VolkerRead Article (PDF)
  • Comment
  • A Necessary Collision: Climate Change, Land Use, and the Limits of AB 32 Henry Stern Read Article (PDF)
In Brief
  • Ninth Circuit Prevents California From Regulating Maritime Greenhouse Gas Emissions Harry MorenRead Article (PDF)
  • A New Mandate for Federal CAFE Standards from the Ninth CircuitErica SchroederRead Article (PDF)
  • Engine Manufacturer’s Association v. South Coast Air Quality Management District – Legitimizing the Market Participant Doctrine as a Means of Limiting Mobile Source Emissions Elliott HenryRead Article (PDF)

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ELQ Volume 35 Issue 2

The articles in this issue are principally focused on developing an understanding of environmental infrastructure. The final article of the issue analyzes a small town’s efforts to regulate its municipal water supply by enacting a moratorium on new connections.

  • Environmental Infrastructure
    Brett M. Frischmann Read Article (PDF)
  • Natural Resources, Congestion, and the Feminist Future: Aspects of Frischmann’s Theory of Infrastructure Resources
    Marc R. PoirierRead Article (PDF)
  • When to Open Infrastructure Access
    Gregory N. MandelRead Article (PDF)
  • An Economic Dynamic Approach to the Infrastructure Commons
    David M. DriesenRead Article (PDF)
  • The Water Moratorium: Takings, Markets, and Public Choice Implications of Water Districts
    Sean CallagyRead Article (PDF)
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    ELQ Volume 35 Issue 1

    This issue features four cutting-edge environmental law articles.

    • Background Principles and the Rule of Law: Fifteen Years after Lucas
      James L. HuffmanRead Article (PDF)
    • The Perils of a Half-Built Bridge: Risk Perception, Shifting Majorities, and the Nuclear Power Debate
      Amanda LeiterRead Article (PDF)
    • A Solid Foundation: Belize's Chalillo Dam and Environmental Decisionmaking
      Ari HershowitzRead Article (PDF)
    • Transforming Water Transfers: The Evolution of Water Transfer Case Law and the NPDES Water Transfers Proposed Rule
      Sara ColangeloRead Article (PDF)
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