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ELQ Volume 34 Articles

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Issue 1234

ELQ Volume 34 Issue 4

The articles in this issue are centered on two themes: 1) revitalizing the presumption against preemption to prevent regulatory gaps, and 2) examing the relationship between suburban sprawl, land use, and water rights. (published 2/2008)

  • Revitalizing the Presumption Against Preemption to Prevent Regulatory Gaps: Railroad Deregulation and Waste Transfer Stations Carter H. Strickland, Jr. Read Article (PDF)
  • Just a Big, “Hot Fuss”? Assessing the Value of Connecting Suburban Sprawl, Land Use, and Water Rights through Assured Supply Laws Lincoln L. Davies Read Article (PDF)
  • The Role of International Tribunals in Natural Resource Disputes in Latin America C. Leah GrangerRead Article (PDF)
  • Book Review
  • Smart Growth Meets the Neighbors Winter KingRead Article (PDF)

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ELQ Volume 34 Issue 3

Annual Review: A comprehensive review of the year's most important decisions and issues in environmental law and policy. (published 11/2007)

  • S.D. Warren and the Erosion of Federal Preeminence in Hydropower Regulation Daniel Pollak Read Article (PDF)
  • Rapanos v. United States: Evaluating the Efficacy of Textualism in Interpreting Environmental Laws
    Courtney Covington Read Article (PDF)
  • Big Win for Environmentalists in New York v. EPA May Have Limited Impact on Air Quality Katherine K. Rankin Read Article (PDF)
  • Balancing the Pollution Budget after Friends of the Earth v. EPA Jason Malinsky Read Article (PDF)
  • NRDC v. EPA: Testing the Waters of the Constitutionality of Delegation to International Organizations Alice L. Bodnar Read Article (PDF)
  • Statutory Complexity Disguises Agency Capture in Council v. EPAReid Mullen Read Article (PDF)
  • Mothers for Peace and the Need to Develop Classified NEPA Procedures Joseph Farris Read Article (PDF)
  • Central Delta Water Agency v. Bureau of Reclamation: How the Ninth Circuit Paved the Wayer for the Next Fish Kill Elisabeth Skillen Read Article (PDF)
  • How CERCLA's Amiguities Muddled the Question of Extraterritoriality in Pakootas v. Teck Cominco Metals, LTD. Jordan Diamond Read Article (PDF)
  • Bad Timing: The Ninth Circuit Takes NEPA Backwards Michael Askin Read Article (PDF)
  • From Blazing Trails to Building Highways: SUWA v. BLM & Ancient Easements over Federal Public Lands Tova Wolking Read Article (PDF)
  • Rewatering the San Joaquin River: A Summary of the Friant Dam Litigation Nathan MatthewsRead Article (PDF)
In Brief
  • Center for Biological Diversity v. Hamilton: Eviscerating the Citizen Suit Provision of the Endangered Species Act? Stephen Butler Read Article (PDF)

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ELQ Volume 34 Issue 2

This issue examines regulatory takings, public use, land use, and water law. (published 7/2007)

  • The False Dichotomy between Physical and Regulatory Takings Analysis: A Critique of Tahoe-Sierra's Distinction between Physical and Regulatory Takings Andrea L. Peterson Read Article (PDF)
  • Planning as Public Use? Nicole Stelle Garnett Read Article (PDF)
  • Due Process Land Use Claims After Lingle J. Peter Byrne Read Article (PDF)
  • Irrationality and Animus in Class-of-One Equal Protection Cases William D. Araiza Read Article (PDF)
  • The Dog That Didn't Bark, Imperial Water, I Love L.A., and Other Tales From the California Takings Litigation Front Richard Frank Read Article (PDF)
  • No Day at the Beach: Sea Level Rise, Ecosystem Loss, and Public Access Along the California Coast Meg Caldwell and Craig Holt Segall Read Article (PDF)
  • "Waterlocked": Public Access to New Jersey's Coastline Timothy M. Mulvaney and Brian Weeks Read Article (PDF)
  • A Window into the Regulatred Commons: The Takings Clause, Investment Security, and Sustainability Josh Eagle Read Article (PDF)
  • Grasp on Water: A Natural Resource that Eludes NAFTA's Notion of Investment Paul Stanton Kibel Read Article (PDF)
  • Conservation Easements: Perpetuity and Beyond Nancy A. McLaughlin Read Article (PDF)
  • The Property Rights Movement's Embrace of Intellectual Property: True Love or Doomed Relationship Peter S. Menell Read Article (PDF)

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ELQ Volume 34 Issue 1

The articles in this issue consider climate change, public-private economic redevelopment, and what the federal government can learn from state air pollution regulation. (published 3/2007)

  • Living in the Past: The Kelo Court and Public-Private Economic Redevelopment Marc B. Mihaly Read Article (PDF)
  • Adapting to Climate Change: Environmental Law in a Warmer World Matthew D. Zinn Read Article (PDF)
  • Gasping for Breath: The Administrative Flaws of Federal Hazardous Air Pollution Regulation and What We Can Learn from the States Victor B. Flatt Read Article (PDF)
  • EPA’s Protection of Tribal Harvests: Braiding the Agency’s Mission Mary Christina Wood Read Article (PDF)
  • What Would You Do with a Fluorescent Green Pig?: How Novel Transgenic Products Reveal Flaws in the Foundational Assumptions for the Regulation of Biotechnology Sheryl Lawrence Read Article (PDF)

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