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Daniel Pulver says: "enjoy your summer!" Stay tuned for fall recruitment...

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ELQ maintains an active programs schedule, promoting networking and group bonding. Please stop by to learn what other events are on the horizon.

Alumni Network & Careers Directory (page title).

Environmental Law Careers Directory

Although ELQ is no longer updating the Environmental Law Careers Directory, the 2013 Directory is still available in electronic format. With nearly 300 non-profit, government, and private firm listings, the 2013 Directory is an indispensable resource for finding an environmental law job. For only $40*, the 2013 Directory comes complete with full geographic and alphabetic indexes. No filler here – just names, addresses, and 2013 deadlines to get you on the right track.

* Please note: We cannot process any orders unaccompanied by payment.

All inquiries regarding the Careers Directory should be made by email to ELQ's managing editor. Send payment via check to Ecology Law Quarterly, 2 Boalt Hall, University of California, Berkeley CA 94720 or email the managing editor for online payment options.

Alumni Network

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Help ELQ students choose the best career path by allowing them to contact you and inquire about the realities of the practice at your firm or organization. By taking part, you would in no way be expected to assist the student in his/her job placement. Please email the Development Director if you would like to participate!

The Development Director manages ELQ fundraising events, including the annual Race Judicata and Spring Pledge Drive, which support our Environmental Fellowships. Additionally (s)he maintains the alumni network and coordinates efforts with ELRI (Ecology Law Research Institute).

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