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Free speech rocks. presents some selected expressions from within Boalt Hall School of Law and elsewhere on the Net.

Boalt Students

deCSS in MIDI Format
Boalt student Jeff Schrepfer took the deCSS source code and turned put it into MIDI format. The resulting song, when played at 200 beats per minute lasts almost 6 minutes. It is interestingly melodic at times and ends in a pretty wild psychedelic fanfare. Have a listen.

EZ Flow Toe and the Mod 4 Killas
So ya wanna know what "A Day in Tha life" of a first year Boalt student is like? Ask EZ Flow Toe, Boalt's prince of dope rhymes and crazy mixes. Check out the latest MP3 off his upcoming EP "Open and Notorious"

Trademarks and Top-Level Domain Names
Are you frustrated that all the good .com, .org, and .net domain names are gone? Have you been dying to register: or yourname.lawschool? It's never too early at the US Patent and Trademark office. Listen to our very own Oscar S. Cisneros chat with about trademarks, fair use and the new top-level domains. (RealPlayer required)
See Oscar's article on top-level domains in Wired.

Other Expressions

Spoken Word DeCSS
Download the DeCSS code as expressed in "spoken word" zeros and ones. Hungry for DeCSS in different forms? Scope out the code out on the Web.

Ralph Nader Parody Ad
Mastercard didn't think Ralph Nader's political parody commercial was funny. The financial giant has brought suit against Nader claiming the ad infringes its intellectual property because it plays off of Mastercard's "priceless" commercials. Boalt's very own Prof. Mark Lemley is defending Nader in the lawsuit.
Source: Ad Critic. Speaker Series Audio Lectures

The Public Interest in Intellectual Property Law
By Prof. Pamela Samuelson, Boalt Hall
Topics: The public interest in IP, fair use, free speech, and the DVD cases
Instructions: You may need to right-click the links below to download the audio lecture.

  • MP3 Format -- 9.6 megs (large download)
  • RealAudio Format -- 2.5 megs

    Law and Technology Events around the Web

    Napster Oral Arguments
    Is Napster the future of content distribution over the Internet or simply an easy way to steal music? Listen to the oral arguments before the Ninth Circuit court of appeals in this landmark case. (RealPlayer required).
    Source: C-Span.

    The Future of Intellectual Property on the Internet
    Lawrence Lessig, cyberlaw professor and author of "Code: and Other Laws of Cyberspace." vs. Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Two ideological leaders on opposite ends of the spectrum debate the future of intellectual property in cyberspace.
    Source: The Berkman Center.

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