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The following links will allow you to browse the archives of The Boalt Journal of Criminal Law (formerly the California Criminal Law Review).  Beginning with volume 6, the journal is also available for full-text searching on LexisNexis.

Issue Contents
Vol 9 - June 2005

- Fidos And Fi-doníts: Why The Supreme Court Should Have Found A Search In Illinois v. Caballes

- California's Proposition 36 And The War On Drugs

- More Questions Than Answers: The Indeterminacy Surrounding Enemy Combatants Following Hamdi v. Rumsfeld

Vol 8 - Dec 2004

- Roper v. Simmons And The Jurisprudence Of Justice Sandra Day OíConnor

- Is The Constitution In Harmís Way? Substantive Due Process And Criminal Law

- Irreconcilable Differences: The Ninth Circuitís Conflicting Case Law Regarding Mutually Exclusive Defenses Of Criminal Codefendants

Vol 7 - June 2004

- Post-War Iraq: Prosecuting Saddam Hussein

- Adnan Awad: The Forgotten Informant

Vol 6 - Jan 2004

- Giving Ex-Felons The Right To Vote

- Justice Department's Policy Of Opposing Nolo Contendere Pleas: A Justification

- Ten Years Of Court-Supervised Reform: A Chronicle And Assessment

Vol 5 - May 2002

- Watching Legislatures for Apprendiís Effects on Plea Bargaining

Vol 4 - June 2001

- Tolling Of The AEDPA Statute Of Limitations

- Fetal Endangerment: A Challenge For Criminal Law

- Is There Such A Thing As "Virtual Crime"?

Vol 3 - Oct 2000

- Extradition Law And The International Criminal Court

- The Dutch Approach To Stalking Laws

- Stigma: A More Efficient Alternative To Fines In Deterring Corporate Misconduct

Vol 2 - July 2000

- Consistency And Fairness In Sentencing

- Resisting Unlawful Arrest In Mississippi

- Victim Impact Statements Considered in Sentencing

Vol 1 - Feb 2000

- Using International Law To Defend The Accused

- Like Oil And Water: Medical And Legal Competency In Capital Appeal Waivers

- Mental Illness And The Death Penalty




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