August 25, 2004
The War on File-sharing

Reuters is reporting that the Justice Department has orchestrated raids on the homes of five file-sharers who operated hubs on the Direct Connect network. According to the Washington Post, while none of the offenders were arrested, their computers and other equipment were seized.

This is the first, and unlikely the last, such raid in the U.S. and appears to represent a significant shift in the Justice Department's willingness intervene on behalf of the content industries. According to Attorney General Ashcroft, "P2P does not stand for 'permission to pilfer.'" Wonder who's been talking to him lately?

With the Grokster decision delivering a serious blow to copyright holders' attempts to eliminate p2p technology, the escalation of their efforts to pursue individual users is hardly unexpected. But should we be surprised that they appear to have successfully enlisted the AG in this war against the 60 million Americans who use p2p networks?

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