July 22, 2004
INDUCE Hearing in MP3, OGG

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on The Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act. If you missed the live webcast of the event, you can download it here (mp3 or ogg). Listen on your portable music player of choice while it's still legal.

Update: Transcripts of the hearing are available, so now you can read along while you listen!

Update: Video of the hearing now available.

Update: Make that suspiciously edited video.

Update: Make that not so suspiciously edited video.

Posted by Aaron Perzanowski at July 22, 2004 12:38 PM

Gotta love it but the induce.mov is edited. There's a whole bit on the induce_hearing.mp3 which is cut out of the induce.mov.

here's a transcript (I blame my fingers for all typos):

~20:30 : Senator Orrin Hatch is talking to the Honorable Marybeth Peters:

Orrin Hatch (OH) : "During the august recess, I would like your office if they can to assist this committee in the efforts to identify and resolve potential concerns about potential abuses of international and domestic and intentional inducement liability. Could we count on your to help us with that?"
Marybeth Peters (MP) : "Absolutely, I just identified this as the most important question in copyright today. We would be more then happy to assist the comitte in facilitating, umm, and bringing about a hopefully a result that could work"
OH : "Yeah i'd heard that so I was just making sure that you..."
(Edit Start)
MP : "We would never say no to you"
(Edit End)
OH : "We'll that is an interesting comment"
Everyone : 'laughing'
Patrick Leahy (PL) : "It's certain... it's certainly the attitude of all the senators up here"
Everyone : 'laughing'
(Edit Start)
OH : "Don't worry your sterling reputation is intact. I just want you to know that."
Everyone : 'laughing'
OH : "We'll turn to Senator Leahy if he has any questions."
PL : (undeciferable) "...flustered mister chairman. We are delighted (something) your here. You have been an enormous help, to this committee. I cannot think of a time that any member of the committee, Republican or Democrat, has asked from help from you or your office. They've always gotten it. And it's the mark of a... your a mark of a type of people in our our government that makes our government work well. I mean that as a compliment to you, you really do."
MP : "Thank you very much"
(Edit End)
PL : "Now one of the concerns I have is the failure of the....

Not sure what you do with this knowledge but well it pisses me off.


Posted by: PeterALopez on August 1, 2004 10:07 AM

Wow. Who edited the video? We found the video by reading Wendy Seltzer who thanks Tom Barger for hosting the video. Neither of these people edited it, so where did Tom get it? A draft of this post on bIPlog discussed what we could only call "the bizarre sexual tension" between Sen. Orrin Hatch and Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights, illustrated more than once during this hearing. (She blushes during the deleted segment and someone giving testimony later refers to Senator Hatch's ability to make her blush. Hatch also makes what I guess is supposed to be a joke when he tells the room to submit their ideas and then he's just going to do whatever Marybeth tells him to do.) We decided not to mention it, because we thought maybe we were reading too much into it. But now that someone has taken the trouble to cover it up... That's just too weird.

Posted by: Brian C on August 1, 2004 11:20 PM
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