August 05, 2003
RIAA Subpoenas...

Ed Felten has an excellent post on RIAA subpoenas, which Seth Schoen has figured out are script-generated by subpoena-bots.

Congress created the special subpoena provision that the RIAA is using here, a provision that requires the court to rubber-stamp any subpoena request made by a copyright holder who claims to have a good-faith belief that its copyrights are being infringed. Given this relatively low standard for issuance of a subpoena, the advent of subpoena-bots should come as no surprise.

Of course, big copyright owners aren't the only people allowed to use subpoena-bots. Virtually everything that anybody writes is copyrighted, so this subpoena power is available to every writer or artist, even down to the humblest newbie blogger. Want to know who that anonymous critic is? No problem; send your subpoena-bots after them.

Also, check out his thoughts on what it feels like to be in conflict with the RIAA.

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