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June 14, 2003
P2P Apps Have an Unfortunate Bad Reputation

ComputerWorld reports that peer-to-peer file sharing applications are unfortunately linked in people's minds to piracy of one kind or another. The article speculates that because most P2P apps are used for piracy purposes, companies and others have not explored and used P2P for more legitimate purposes, but increasingly sophisticated P2P apps are being developed that in future might relieve the burden on file caching companies so that individuals will spread freeware, collaborative work projects and other legitimately shared files. This kind of distributed sharing and collaboration is likely the future of Internet based work for knowledge sharing and development. So the success of certain kinds of P2P may hold back or delay the development of other P2P technologies, due to DMCA related fears of prosecution, as well as the development and adoption of information technology based work practices that rely on P2P applications.

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