June 13, 2003
Fair Use Opera

Donna points to Pam Samuelson's The Constitutional Law of Intellectual Property After Eldred v. Ashcroft. She also points to Mary Bono's (she succeeded Sonny, and passed the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (pdf)) statement that succeeding Hilary Rosen at the RIAA would, according to Bono's chief of staff, "be her dream job". Rosen responded, "I love Mary Bono; she's great."

Does it feel operatic to you? Or maybe like a Greek Tragedy (it is tragic, losing extraordinary human expressions because a few are so selfish and dogmatic that they force the loss due to their extremist stance on copyright protection when moderation will do). We may soon be sprinkling dust from classic movies not preserved in time to save them, but still copyright protected and therefore locked up (thankfully a few legislators are reconsidering this). When do we get to the chorus and Teiresias? Oh yeah, right after we clear the rights.

Update 06/13/03: Derek Slater reviews the points in Pam Samuelson's article, against Volokh's recent article and some other's assessments of these issues. Seth replies to Derek here.

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