June 10, 2003
Editing Your Way Out of a Paper Bag

Check out Fiat Lucre's WILLFUL INFRINGEMENT, and the 4 minute trailer for their copyright movie. They say it's, "The movie that Disney does NOT want you to watch!"

Apparently, Lawrence Lessig & Mickey Mouse, Carrie McLaren & Public Enemy, Don Joyce & U2, Larry Gross & Star Wars, Andy Warhol & Mona Lisa, Ezra G & DJ Akiko Hot Rocks & The Rolling Stones, Pretzel & Critters are in it, but I saw Ed Felten and a couple of others in the trailer.

And check out James Grimmelmann's cool post on the Raider's of the Lost Arc re-mix. Apparently Spielberg liked it and so signed off on the recent screening. But it's still under copyright and James gives the issues a thorough once-over. He concludes:

Harry Knowles has been saying that the remake should be a special DVD extra on the Indiana Jones DVD box set. That sounds like a good idea.
At the same time, don't you find it just a little incongruous that, according to the Copyright Act, these fellows could be ordered to pay out $50,000 each and report for a year in prison?

So you can be a creative genius, and edit something extraordinary, but if you do it with something still under copyright protection, you can edit yourself into the clink. I'm starting to agree more and more with some folks' thoughts that copyright is really about distribution and not about copying. At least the public domain still exists for these guys.

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