May 14, 2003
Get Your DVD On (and Back It Up or Sample It!)

Donna points to the Library of Congress DMCA Exemption hearings happening today and tomorrow in LA, as well as the MGM Studios v. 321 Studios hearing tomorrow in SF.

EFF and others asked the LoC to create DMCA exemptions for four types of digital media:
1) music on copy-protected CDs
2) movies on DVDs whose region coding restrictions prevent playback on U.S. players
3) movies on DVDs which prevent skipping of commercials
4) movies in the public domain released on DVD

Eric Olsen at Blogcritics excerpts submissions of the "Ancillary or sole source material" exemption request (for DVDs, from LawMeme) as well as the EFF request made last December.

Literary works and censorware will also be addressed at the DMCA exemption hearings.

Update (5/15/03): Look here for Brewster Kahle's exemption comment (pdf) about literary and audiovisual works embodied in software, his reply (pdf), his speech and presentation yesterday, asking an exemption to allow archiving of software.

Also, George Zeimann of Azoz wrote a letter (late last night) to the DOJ and LOC (via Pho) about a statement made by an RIAA attorney yesterday at the hearings. Zeimann says the attorney stated that "127,000 albums have been released in the past three years." Zeimann refutes this with his own analysis of the RIAA releases at around 100,000 for the past three years.

The Register has an article on the hearings.

Update (5/16/03): Here is Victor F. Calaba's blog report on the 5/14/03 hearings.

Update (5/19/03): here are two more reports from the 5/14/03 hearings: this and an addenda.

Update (5/22/03): IP Justice and Robin Gross announcement, testimony and comments on testimony at the May 15, 2003 hearing.

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