April 30, 2003
Porn is Bigger than Music On P2P Networks

According to Wired News, porn is more traded on P2P networks than music, with porn makers claiming their profits are down, just as the RIAA does and for the same reasons. As Greg Bildson -- COO of LimeWire, maker of Gnutella style software said delicately, "We're about all different kinds of content sharing." It is often mentioned that on the internet, the most profitable industry by far is porn, yet they don't seem to get too upset about copyright infringement.

Porn purveyors are trying a couple of tactics to combat stealing, including collaboration (where they give away a little to get paying customers) and embedding links into small clips, planting them on P2P networks, so that when downloaders play them, they are redirected to pay sites. "We love file trading," said Kevin Blatt, sales director for the Triple X Cash. "Why? It's called greed. We've found a way to monetize that sharing." The RIAA could take a cue from them, working with the customers, not against them.

But I don't think Apple will debut iPorn anytime soon.

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