April 28, 2003
Apple's New Music Service Continued

"iTunes 4 is awesome!" My brother's ecstatic praise turned me on to Apple's launch of its new music service, The iTunes Music Store, along with the latest version of iTunes, the musical listening swiss army knife-like device available free to Mac users.

It looks like the iTunes Music Store is much better than most of the previous attempts to distribute music electronically that had the backing of the major labels. But there are still limitations built in: "In a nutshell, you can play your music on up to three computers, enjoy unlimited synching with your iPods, burn unlimited CDs of individual songs, and burn unchanged playlists up to 10 times each."

My curiosity is piqued, but I still have some reservations. The major labels see the computer as a threat, and are aggressively trying to destroy the surrounding industry, which, incidentally, happens to be one of the most successful in recent history. Do I really want to spend my money on a service that supports the majors?

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