April 23, 2003
Those Crazy Kids: MixTapes, Contests and Hacks

The LA Times covers the Mix Tape scene (name is a throwback to the cassette era) where rappers and DJ's are mixin, small stores are selling, and the RIAA is suing. "One of those mix tapes got in the hands of Morales, who loaned it to a bodyguard for Eminem. Eminem heard a star in the mix, and that led to 50 Cent's $1-million signing to Shady Records. The result was the fastest-selling rap debut since the SoundScan era of tracking sales began in 1991.

"While the legal and financial departments at record labels see mix tapes as part of the piracy threat, many of the artists, and executives such as Morales who scout talent, see the mix tape as a filter and a proving ground. He says the wave of mix tape stars is just now starting to build. 'It's just going to get bigger and bigger. You can feel it.'"

Makes you think about the art of sampling, mixing, buring, and where we might be if those big labels could just think hard enough about a business model that would support this kind of creativity, not to mention digital downloads, so that everyone can get paid and we can get on with the business of street level testing, innovation and playing.

Speaking of remixing, here's the Madonna WTF Remix Contest: download her mp3 plant (some say it's a trademark eliminator?) and the other one, or anything else and mix away. The prize: a boycott-riaa t-shirt and 100 boycott-riaa stickers.

Oh, and just because, here's a screen shot of the Madonna.com website hack.

Update 4/23/02: "Like a virgin - Madonna hacked for the very first time" (thanks Frank!).

Posted by Mary Hodder at April 23, 2003 12:04 AM | TrackBack

MTV.com had a suprisingly well researched and detailed report on mixtapes a while back as well. Highly informative. This very well maybe the future of music post major labels...


Posted by: Abe on April 23, 2003 05:22 PM

A 'WTF' Remix Video for you !



NETWORK-ERROR ' WTF ' VideoMix - P-Lab/ 2003.

French Diplomacy @ it's Best !

Audio/Video Mix : P-Lab/ 2003 at www.network-error.com

- View Online :


- Direct Download :

MP3 Audio - 595Kb:


Windows Media Video Download - 1.8 MB :


Real Video - 1.7 MB :


DivX Video Download - 5.2 MB :


Video format : DivX 5.03 - 512*384

Quelle histoire !

Nothing to see :

OK MADONNA - Video Clip :


Posted by: P-Lab/ on May 1, 2003 09:25 AM
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