April 14, 2003
More on No Rights Reserved: the Whatever License

Larry Lessig and Doc Searls have been talking about the particulars of public domain licensing and what it means for weblogs, what Doc calls the "whatever license" (the no rights reserved, public domain license) and Larry Lessig's response saying "I think it is useful and important to distinguish between DRM and DRE -- digital rights management vs. digital rights expression. DRE is a technology simply (1) to express rights. The 'management' in DRM implies a technology -- code -- both (1) to express rights and (2) to enforce it." The Creative commons licensing system is meant to allow creators to voluntarily increase fair use rights for users, over the default copyright standard.

The most interesting thing is this discrepancy pointed out by Larry Lessig, "Finally, one technical point: Our CC licenses expressly state that you can't use our technology with a DRM system that does not adequately protect 'fair use.' As I've not seen a DRM system that adequately protects "fair use" yet, imho, that means you are not allowed to use a CC licenses (sic) with a DRM system yet. At least that is so if you take seriously the commitments the CC license imposes."

But Doc makes one other good point that the public domain license should be added to the list of licenses, even though it is listed in the choose a license section. I've found the same problem can be a bit confusing clicking around on the CC site.

Dave Winer has posted instructions for including a creative commons license in an RSS feed.

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