April 02, 2003
Piracy, Copyright Laws and the Economy

Some countries, like the United States, have a very large IT sector while others, like China and Russia do not. Nothing new about this. Now, however, the Business Software Association, an antipiracy organization with members including Microsoft, Adobe Systems, and Cisco Systems, offers a new explanation for this.

As a part of the larger effort to drum up support from lawmakers and law enforcement over antipiracy legislations, the BSA recently commissioned a study (pdf) that will show that nations with low piracy rates had large IT sectors, whereas countries with high piracy rates, such as China, had the smallest IT sectors. As News.Com reports, the conclusion for the BSA is that cracking down on piracy would help the growth of the IT sectors, create new jobs and thus bolster weak economies.

However there seems to be a much simpler explanation to the data collected by the study. Maybe there is a possibility that China and Russia have lesser developed IT sectors just because they have lesser developed economies overall and that piracy does not have that much to do with it.

Posted by Valentina Pasquali at April 02, 2003 02:02 PM
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