March 16, 2003
Terrorists, Pirates, and Criminals

Microsoft and the Motion Pictures Association of America never relax.

In the latest news, reported by CNET, Jack Valenti, president and CEO of the film industry group, and Richard LaMagna, a manager of Microsoft's antipiracy investigations, testified before a House Judiciary subcommitee, lamenting that their intellectual property is being stolen by organized-crime gangs around the globe, especially in countries like Russia or Malaysia where copyright laws are weaker.

"Large, violent, highly organized criminal groups are getting rich from the theft of America's copyrighted products," Valenti said.

As if this weren't enough, John Malcolm, the official who oversees the computer crime division at the Justice Department, offered a vague and unsubstantiated warning to the panel about the connections between copyright piracy and terrorism.

Does this mean everyone found in possession of an illegal DVD is bound for Guantanamo?

Posted by Valentina Pasquali at March 16, 2003 11:04 AM
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