March 10, 2003
Like Watching Five People Play Blindman's Bluff on Stilts

Confusion is the theme of David Pogue's NYTimes article on the current state of buying music on the Internet. He points out the five: AOL's MusicNet, PressPlay, Rhapsody, MusicNow (up in a month) and RealOne MusicPass. All offer very complex pricing arrangements, but at least they're taking a stab at the market, even if some artists are holding material back, with the services all tending to offer the same 250,000 songs. He says this would be amazing if they weren't following another amazing invention: Napster, KaZaa, etc. But maybe the record companies are finally getting the clue, and users are getting fed up with all the poor quality files (planted by... we couldn't guess) that might have the effect of steering users from the darknet to legitimate downloads. These music services need to spend some time making the right market arrangements before this takes off. And hopefully they do get it right.

Posted by Mary Hodder at March 10, 2003 10:05 PM
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