February 24, 2003
There Will Always Be a Jack Valenti

[Updated 022503, 8:59am: Corrected misspelling in author's name.]

Donna Wentworth at Copyfight has an interesting synthesis of conversation going on Declan McCullah's copyright legislation article on News.com, and JD Lasica's response to Declan. Declan thinks that rather than Wyden and others proposing new "fair use" legislation to make the DMCA more consumer oriented with labeling requirements for DRM protected products, those sections of the DMCA that restrict too much should be repealed. JD says that even if it happens, which he believes it won't, those same interests with a stake in the DMCA will continue to find new ways to use DRM to restrict the flow of information.

Meanwhile, the NYTimes says that Jack Valenti is taking the moral high ground in a speech he was to give at Duke Law School. "He plans to shift his emphasis to more basic principles: 'duty, service, honor, integrity, pity, pride, compassion, sacrifice....'" Dave Winer notes the moral hypocrisy with that, where the artists who so generously sacrifice rarely get compensated....

One interesting thing Declan mentions is that the consumer electronics industry is the target again with labeling of products. Considering that they are a $500 billion a year industry (which includes universal garage door openers and printer cartridge refill companies but also DVD and CD makers), being pushed around by the RIAA/MPAA content industries at $40 billion a year, you'd think that the electronics people would be able to fight this more than they appear to now. "Talk about the mouse trying to own the elephant herd." Seems more like greed, unfairness hiding behind the law, anti-trust violations, failing business models... are at work, to name a few.

Update: Jack Valenti kicks off his "2003 Morality Tour" with the Duke speech (text here).

Posted by Mary Hodder at February 24, 2003 11:51 PM
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