February 24, 2003
DMCA: Unintended Consequences?

"The DMCA started with the noblest of intentions, but it is becoming the bright shiny new toy of enterprises looking for a way to stifle competition and to control what they might consider unfavorable information," said Mike McGuire, a policy analyst with research firm GartnerG2. This, from the LA Times, gives a good overview of DMCA issues, along with a review of some of the cases where the DMCA has been used to shut down competitors, satirizers and anyone else that brushes up against an incumbent business with some sort of complimentry service or product.

Since we are rapidly approaching a time where every device, every printer cartridge, every information tool will contain a chip or sensor of some sort, either for inventory or interoperability control, this issue is bound to get far worse, as incumbents look for ways, in uncertain and very competative times, to keep customers and profit margins from competitors. The long term disadvantages for the public and new business technology innovation should be obvious.

Thanks to Lawmeme for additional info.

Posted by Mary Hodder at February 24, 2003 07:12 AM
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