February 08, 2003
"I Want My In-Box Back"

The NYTimes mag tomorrow is all about spam, with a big menacing spider image for illustration. ''Spam has become the organized crime of the Internet,'' said Barry Shein, president of the World, one of the original ISPs. ''Most people see it as a private mailbox problem. But more and more it's becoming a systems and engineering and networking problem.'' The FTC is interested in the deceptive practices of spammers, and opt-in/opt-out are discussed, but James Gleick's conclusion is that forged headers should be illegal, and all spam should carry a mandatory tag.

Declan McCullagh's Politechbot.com notes the latest in s.p.a.m. And according to Internetweek, s'p'a'm costs us $12bil / year and almost everybody wants it banned, but the s|p|a|m|m|e|r|s. Course, you could always donate your s+p+a+m to science.

Update: 2/12/02 From Wired, Spam Offers: Some Legit, Most Not where tests showed replying to s~p~a~m caused many, many more s^p^a^m.

And The Register on s=p=a=m=m=e=r=s ignoring the rules!

And Spamarrest is resorting to, oh my, spam.

Posted by Mary Hodder at February 08, 2003 09:16 AM
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