February 06, 2003
Down at the PTO, They Must Be Having a Wonderful Time

Because they can't be reading the applications too closely. How can they be issuing patents for the process of, gasp, streaming audio and video over the Interent, held by Acacia, as well as SBC Communications patent for frames used on websites (though there is evidence gathered to show prior art), Open Market's patent on web shopping carts, SightSound Technologies patents for selling downloaded music and video online, InTouch Group's patents for putting snippets of music on the web, and the most amazing one of all: Test Center's patent for creating a process to make "tests, assessments, surveys and lesson plans with images and sound files and posting them on-line for potential users." (Although Test Center is apparently thinking of selling the patent, they say they will enforce it if necessary.)

Apparently, Radio Free Virgin, a division of Virgin has capitulated to Acacia, because it's cheaper than fighting a lawsuit. This is almost as much fun as the patent for swinging on a swing.

Posted by Mary Hodder at February 06, 2003 11:33 PM
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