January 29, 2003
KaZaa Sues the RIAA

KaZaa, more popular now than Napster ever was, has sued the RIAA, "...asserting that they have 'obscenely' abused their copyright powers." This follows a ruling two weeks ago where a California judge ruled that Kazaa could be pursued in the state.

The Economist recently wrote about the copyright wars, concluding "...Certainly, the content industries are likely to experience the most upheaval. They may be able to retard the growth of copying on the internet for a time, but they cannot hold back the advance of technology altogether. This will undermine their existing business models, based as they are on print, analogue broadcasting and the sale of physical products such as compact discs. Even if the "total copyright protection" scenario sketched above prevails, content providers will have to reinvent themselves."

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