January 24, 2003
Opposition to Government Mandated DRM Formed

The Register, the NY Times, the BBC and CNet are reporting the formation of a new coalition, the Alliance for Digital Progress, which includes Apple Computer, Microsoft, Dell Computer, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard and Intel, as well as some consumer groups and think tanks, in an effort to oppose Sen. Fritz Hollings' bill (S. 2048), which has the support of Disney and other movie studios, to set government standards for digital rights management. The ADP prefers market solutions to the DRM and piracy problem. The bill was introduced last term, but has not yet been reintroduced in the 108th Congress.

So the idea according to the ADP is that, as with the photocopier, the VCR and DVDs, Hollywood will benefit if it steps aside to allow the market to solve the DRM technology problem, so they can create a new and bigger market in P2P sharing of digital content than currently exists in the DVD market.

Posted by Mary Hodder at January 24, 2003 09:40 AM

Government mandated DRM or the Fritz bill, would kill off the now slow moving computer market. The overall economic slowdown has taken it's bite out of large companies to the point of layoffs and more.With any law(s) mandated that would give all the rights to a handfull of specific industries to have complete control over consumer's personal, as well and more important business computers, would have computer equipment / software sales die very fast in a few phases. Phase one when now anti-drm-Fritz people would just stop cold on future buys, and the second phase would come after those not knowing what drm-Fritz was about, find them self forced and limited in the arms of drm-Fritz control. Piracy is a crime, but not a crime to make everyone pay for it. The loss of rights of the people to use the computer equipment they buy for other purposes other then piracy would be a crime too, as it would say that "we" all that buy ( spend our money in this economy ) are pirates by the fact that we own ( bought with our money that the others in control make a profit ) the technology to do so.

The industries as music,movie and software needed to start work on this problem of piracy about 5 years ago, when faster internet speeds and CD-recorders hit the market. Not now through quick fix laws that strip away all value of the personal computer. Why, if such laws were mandated would anyone knowing the level of control and limits would buy it ?... to have it's only purpose as a "cash-box" for those industries to to continue to make music,movies and software for the consumer to buy to look & play ONLY! computer-box. Wow, i sure think i would take up woodworking over buying a computer.

Posted by: George on May 27, 2003 02:27 PM
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