December 07, 2002
Viagra Patent Challenged In China

Maybe this case shows how China is making progress in acknowledging intellectual property rights. Twelve Chinese drug companies are asking the government to nullify Pfizer Inc.'s exclusive rights to the little blue pill of Viagra. They claim that the anti-impotence drug patent is invalid because it doesn't meet the Chinese legal requirements of being a truly new invention. The drug, which is widely known as "Wei Ge", or "mighty brother", is very popular in the Chinese market. Some have argued that China is the worst nightmare for patent-holders worldwide. However, for the first time, the Chinese copycats are trying to revoke a patent of a popular drug through the legal process instead of jumping right in and producing imitation medicines. The outcome of this case will be significant, not only because of the millions of dollars of sales involved, but also because it'll indicate China's reaction towards this type of dispute as a new World Trade Organization member.

Posted by Feiwen Rong at December 07, 2002 12:43 PM
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