December 05, 2002
Berkeley Digital Rights Management Conference

The Digital Rights Management Conference will be held Thursday, February 27- Saturday, March 1, 2003 at UC Berkeley. It is sponsored by Boalt Hall School of Law and the School of Information Management and Systems. You can register today.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies allow copyright holders to restrict access to digital content (DVD films, CDs, software, television programs, etc). Some view DRM as the only solution to intellectual property theft. Others fear that poorly designed DRM systems will effectively destroy fair use and privacy. Is DRM cool or scary or just imperfect? Decide for yourself at the conference.

Conference speakers include: Mozelle Thompson (Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission), Cary Sherman (General Counsel, Recording Industry Association of America), Lucky Green (, Larry Lessig (Professor of Law, Stanford University), Edward Felten, (Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University), Mike Chartier (Director of Regulator Policy of Wireless Group, Intel), and Barb Fox (Senior Software Architect, Cryptography and Digital Rights Management, Microsoft Corporation) and more.

Posted by Lisa Wang at December 05, 2002 11:19 PM
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