November 28, 2002
University Campuses A Key IP Battleground

The recording and movie industry believes that, in the post-Napster age, some of the most rampant abuses of their copyrighted material occurs on college campuses, where students have access to high-speed broadband systems that allow easy file-sharing over peer-to-peer networks. In a good summary of this issue, the Mercury News reported that the RIAA and other industry associations have urged leaders in higher education to monitor their students and impose restrictions on violators. As a result, in recent months, universities across the country have been reassessing their policies and issuing new rules regarding the use of university networks, including limiting such file-sharing by students and warning students of disciplinary action if they violate copyrights. Some went so far as to seize students' computers, like U.S. Naval Academy (see posting below), while some campuses are wary of student privacy and are trying to make it a student-led initiative to raise awareness of intellectual property and copyright infringements.

Posted by Feiwen Rong at November 28, 2002 12:33 PM

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