BHCHR was formed in large part to create an enduring community of students interested in human rights so that we could share all take advantage of the wealth of collective experiences that Berkeley Law student enter law school with and create throughout their three years here.  In that spirit and in addition to informal advice and support we give each other, we have established several programs to further develop human rights networking and information sharing at Berkeley Law.

We have a mentorship program to match entering students (1Ls, transfer students, and LLMs) with 2 and 3L students.  The mentors and mentees are matched according to shared interests, and we have a lunch in the beginning of the school year for the mentor and mentees to meet and get to know each other.  Mentees are encouraged to go to their mentors throughout the year for advice on internships, classes, clinics, or just how to get through finals.

Every fall BHCHR hosts its annual Beer & Career party, because, really, what better way to talk to your fellow classmates about their work and internship experiences in the field of human rights than over a beer in the school's courtyard?  Beer & Career is planned a few weeks ahead of the December 1 date for 1Ls to begin applying for internships, and draws on 2 and 3Ls with a wide range of experience, from working at the Public Defender's office, to immigrant advocacy, to international criminal justice.  For more information of the experience of some of BHCHR members, check us out at "about us."

In addition to the speakers and events we plan each semester, we also have created a series called Faculty Teas featuring professors at Berkeley Law whose experience as an academic or practitioner is related to human rights.  Faculty Teas provide a more informal and intimate setting for students to get to know the human rights faculty at Berkeley better, learn about these faculty members' career paths, and ask advice about classes, summer internships or post graduation plans. 

BHCHR also keeps in close contact with many alumni, and sponsors talks, dinners and informal get-togethers with former Berkeley Law students who have pursued a path in human rights work.