Boalt Hall (now Berkeley Law) was the first law school in the country to establish a human rights clinic, and since then the school has continued to further its commitment to having strong human rights academic and clinical offerings for the students.  BHCHR represents the student-led initiative to create a thriving and dynamic community for all students interested in human rights and social justice work.  The experience and enthusiasm of our members has been key in developing and expanding BHCHR over the year, and we look forward to your contribution as well.   

Because of our busy schedules it is difficult for us to respond to emails requesting specific information about the human rights community at the law school.  If you are interested in attending Berkeley Law and are interested in knowing more about the human rights opportunities that are available, we encourage you to take a look around our site, especially at the member and alumni profiles, and our activities.  Additionally, check out the International Human Rights Law Clinic, which many BHCHR members have taken part in; the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center, one of BHCHR's greatest institutional supporters; and the human rights and social justice courses offered at Berkeley Law.

Look for our table at admitted students day.  We look forward to meeting you!