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Luck Was Not a Factor: The Importance of a Strategic Approach to Civil Rights Litigation

by Elaine Jonas

Looking at the topic of the symposium, "Rekindling the Spirit of Brown v. Board of Education," I think about the meaning of that title. Rekindling means that something has died, the flame has ebbed, o...

The Promise of School Choice for Improving the Education of Low-Income Minority Children

by Stephen D. Sugarman

This article investigates and promotes the idea of expanding school choice for low-income families within the public school system, primarily meaning that families may have greater options for schooli...

Mendez and the Legacy of Brown: A Latino Civil Rights Lawyer's Assessment

by Thomas A. Saenz

This article examines the legacy of Mendez v. Westminster School District, a 1947 court case that addressed segregation and served as a precedent for Brown v. Board of Education, though it did not bec...

The Continued Nexus between School and Residential Segregation

by Paul M. Ong and Jordan Rickles

This article aims to demonstrate how residential segregation leads to the de facto racial and socioeconomic segregation of public schools, even in the absence of legal segregation. The authors aim to ...

“Schools That Shock the Conscience”: Williams v. California and the Struggle for Education on Equal Terms Fifty Years after Brown

by Jennie Oakes, Martin Lipton

This article closely investigates the case of Williams v. California, a case in which low-income students in California argued that they were denied education on equal terms by the California public e...

Escaping the Circle by Confronting Classroom Stereotyping: A Step toward Equality in the Daily Educational Experience of Children of Color

by Josie Foehrenbach Brown

As the fiftieth anniversary of the decision in Brown v. Board of Education approaches, we must assess what obstacles continue to obstruct the path to equal educational opportunity for children of colo...

Collaboration: The True Spirit of Brown v. Board of Education Foreword

by Mary Louise Frampton

This piece is a foreword to an article that examines the re-emergence of segregation in public schools and the failure of the public education system to uphold Brown v. Board of Education. This forewo...

Sixty Years after the Internment: Civil Rights, Identity Politics, and Racial Profiling

by Dale Minami, Karen K. Narasaki, Heba Nimr, and Joannie Chang

This piece is the transcript of a panel discussion about the WWII Japanese American internment, and its sixty-year legacy. The panel speakers relate the internment legacy from their personal perspecti...

Foreword: Sixty Years after the Internment: Civil Rights, Identity Politics, and Racial Profiling

by Donald K. Tamaki

This piece is a foreword to a 2003 panel discussion of the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and its legacy sixty years later.


Tax and Race: The Impact on Asian Americans

by Mylinh Uy

This article addresses the disparity between tax laws and the understanding and expectations of American taxpayers, concentrating on the racial factor in this disconnection. By examining the relevance...

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June 2011

Volume 18

Volume 18 was produced during the 2010-2011 school year.


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