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Panel Discussion: The Struggle to Change

by James C. Ho, Sandra Tanamachi, Scott Newar, Jodi Bernstein, and George J. Hirasaki

On February 24, 2005, Texas State Representative Martha Wong joined forces with the Asian American Bar Association of Houston to sponsor a discussion about the struggle to change the name of three con...

On Love, Leadership, and Learning From Our History

by Victor M. Hwang

Victor Hwang recounts the historical trajectory upon which anti-miscegenation laws, restriction on Asian immigration, and current lack of marital equality rights for same-sex couples have affected Asi...

Undocumented Asian American Workers and State Wage Laws in the Aftermath of Hoffman Plastic Compounds

by Mohar Ray

Mohar’s paper examines how undocumented workers are often victims of being overworked and underpaid due to lack of wage protections and accountability from employers. He suggests that the application ...

Fighting for an Equal Voice: Past and Present Struggle for Noncitizen Enfranchisement

by Bryant Yuan Fu Yang

Yang’s paper examines the necessity of expanding voting rights to noncitizens not just in California, but also throughout the nation. He utilizes the failures of the SF ballot measure as a reference f...

Chinese Americans in Multiracial Chicago: A Story of Overlapping Racializations

by Shanshan Lan

Shanshan Lan attempts to answer the question, “How are Asian Americans positioned in a rapidly changing U.S. society that is turning multiracial demographically while remaining persistently Black and ...

Alienable Citizenship: Race, Loyalty, and the Law in the Age of 'American Concentration Camps,' 1941-1971

by Masumi Izumi

Masumi Izumi observes the political context of the time to see how the construction of the concentration camps of World War II has influenced the conception of citizenship. He looks at this through th...

Mandatory Detention During Removal Proceedings: Challenging the Applicability of Demore v. Kim to Vietnamese and Laotian Detainees

by Joren Lyons

This essay traces the origin and development of the limited options for Laotian and Vietnamese immigration detainees for either accepting an order of removal with an uncertain deportation date, or bei...

"In Defense of Internment": Why Some Americans Are More "Equal" Than Others

by Arvin Lugay

This review of Michelle Malkin's In Defense of Internment aims to demonstrate Malkin's historical and theoretical shortcomings in her argument that both Japanese internment and the curbing of Muslim c...

Limiting Ourselves: A Response to Elbert Lin's “Identifying Asian America”

by Sumayyah Waheed

This article is a review of Elbert Lin's “Identifying Asian America,” which principally argues that Asian Americans must organize exclusively around establishing a racial identity and combatting the n...

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June 2011

Volume 18

Volume 18 was produced during the 2010-2011 school year.


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