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Excluded, Segregated and Forgotten: A Historical View of the Discrimination of Chinese Americans in Public Schools

by Joyce Kuo

“Separate but equal” public schooling is less often identified with the Asian American struggle for equality, but as Ms. Kuo documents, the Chinese American community in San Francisco was engaged in a...

Mail Fantasy: Global Sexual Exploitation in the Mail-Order Bride Industry and Proposed Legal Solutions

by Donna R. Lee

Ms. Lee asserts that the trade in Asian mail-order brides is premised on the male consumer’s racialized expectations of sexual and domestic labor services to be provided within the privacy of the home...

Invention, Inversion and Intervention: The Oriental Woman in The World of Suzie Wong, M. Butterfly, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

by Peter Kwan

The construction of the Oriental Woman—a fictional character of the Western imagination—can be dissected, according to Professor Kwan, by means of a cosynthetic analysis. The cosynthetic analysis is a...

Cultural Colonization In the Hollywood Film: The Harlem Debates—Part 2

by Frederick Dennis Greene

Are films merely products of the business of entertainment or does their hold on the consciousness and imagination of American society make them much more significant? Professor Greene presents a fict...

Dreaming in Black and White: Racial-Sexual Policing in The Birth of a Nation, The Cheat, and Who Killed Vincent Chin?

by Robert S. Chang

Professor Chang observes that Asians are often perceived as interlopers in the nativistic American “family.” This conception of a nativist “family” is White in composition and therefore accords a sens...

Both Edges of the Margin: Blacks and Asians in Mississippi Masala, Barriers to Coalition Building

by Taunya Lovell Banks

Asians often take the middle position between White privilege and Black subordination and therefore participate in what Professor Banks calls “simultaneous racism,” where one racially subordinated gro...

Making Us Possible

by Alfred C. Yen

Extradition and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Will Hong Kong Remain a Separate and Independent Jurisdiction After 1997?

by Erik Alexander Rapoport

Hong Kong plays a key role in U.S. efforts to fight international criminal activities in Southeast Asia, because of its unique geographical and political position. However, as of July 1, 1997, the Peo...

Beyond Modernism and Postmodernism: Working Notes Towards an Asian American Legal Scholarship

by Anthony S. Chen

The author argues that Asian American legal scholarship should not stake itself exclusively on anti-foundationalist poststructuralist epistemology because it places specific political and epistemologi...

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June 2011

Volume 18

Volume 18 was produced during the 2010-2011 school year.


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