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Equity Denied: Historical and Legal Analyses in Support of the Extension of U.S. Veterans' Benefits to Filipino World War II Veterans

by Michael A Cabotaje

Filipino Army veterans played an essential role in the United States' victory in the Pacific during World War II. Although their contributions to this effort were recognized by the President and Congr...

Still Keeping the Faith?: Asian Pacific Americans, Ballot Initiatives, and the Lessons of Negotiated Rulemaking

by Troy M. Yoshino

Asian Pacific Americans (APA's) face a number of obstacles to obtaining proportionate electoral power in the United States. The author examines several factors that have contributed to the diminution ...

Introduction to Petition to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

by Edward M. Chen

Edward M. Chen asserts that the “pervasive pattern of racial stereotyping, scapegoating and discrimination directed at the Asian Pacific American community by our nation’s most powerful institutions—C...

Beyond Black and White: Chinese Americans Challenge San Francisco's Desegregation Plan

by Caitlin M. Liu

Caitlin M. Liu analyzes Ho v. San Francisco Unified School District to show that the lawsuit is significant both for the impact it may have on San Francisco's public school system and the broader, spi...

Beyond Identity and Racial Politics: Asian Americans and the Campaign Fund-raising Controversy

by L. Ling-chi Wang

In this article, L. Ling-chi Wang analyzes the campaign finance scandal of 1996. He asserts that several things become apparent during the investigation: President Clinton’s opponents “exploited the t...

Recent Cases: The Equal Protection Challenge To Proposition 209

by Vikram David Amar

Vikram David Amar, in this article, describes “the plaintiffs’ constitutional theory, discuss[es] briefly why the Ninth Circuit’s rejection of it was not particularly faithful to Supreme Court precede...

To Steal a Book Is No Longer Such an Elegant Offense: The Impact of Recent Changes in Taiwanese Copyright Law

by Nelson C. Lu

In 1992-93, Taiwan revised its copyright laws in an attempt to closer approximate the rights given to the owners of copyrighted works in the United States. In the fact of the difficulty of penetrating...

Ho'olahui: The Rebirth of A Nation

by Taryn Ranae Tomasa

The right to self-determination is a right recognized in the United Nations Charter and by the international community. Yet, as Ms. Tomasa observes, the indigenous Kanaka Maoli people of Hawaii have b...

Demystifying the Asian American Neo-Conservative: A Strange and New Political Animal?

by Anthony S. Wang

Asian American neo-conservatives are the product of the 1960s Asian American movement, yet they have diverged in principle from its modern-day progressive flag-bearers. This divergence, Mr. Wang obser...

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June 2011

Volume 18

Volume 18 was produced during the 2010-2011 school year.


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