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The Conscription of Asian Sex Slaves: Causes and Effects of U.S. Military Sex Colonialism in Thailand and the Call to Expand U.S. Asylum Law

by Elizabeth Rho-Ng

The power relationship between industrialized countries and the underdeveloped countries in the Southeast Asian region has been essential to the sale of sexual labor in tourist areas in Thailand and i...

Hate Violence as Border Patrol: An Asian American Theory of Hate Violence

by Terri Yuh-lin Chen

An analysis of anti-Asian hate violence must recognize the social context of foreignness in which the violence manifests as well as the rations that foreignness triggers from the state and private act...

Situating Asian Pacific Americans in the Law School Affirmative Action Debate: Empirical Facts About Thernstrom's Rhetorical Acts

by William C. Kidder

This article takes Omi and Takagi's comment about the Right and the Left of the political spectrum, implicating APAs in the ongoing debate, as an invitation to analyze the empirical data on the conseq...

Racial Stereotyping of Asians and Asian Americans and Its Effect on Criminal Justice: A Reflection on the Wayne Lo Case

by Rhoda J. Yen

Yen examines the racial imagery surrounding Way Lo's trial as an example of how stereotypes of Asians and Asian Americans influence the criminal justice system. Part I offers two prevailing categories...

Asian Law Journal Symposium on Labor and Immigration (Edward M. Chen)

by Edward M. Chen

It is important to recognize the breadth of the impact language-based discrimination has upon the immigrant community and upon Asian Pacific Americans as a whole. Language discrimination poses a new s...

Asian Law Journal Symposium on Labor and Immigration

by Hina Shah

Role of attorneys as organizers, fusing litigation with acting outside the litigation to empower and organize immigrant workers. There are four steps to empowerment in organizing immigrant workers: em...

Asian Law Journal Symposium on Labor and Immigration

by William Tamayo

Work at the EEOC as a continuation of the goal of protecting the civil rights of workers regardless of their immigration status, and the area of immigration status as it affects employment litigation....

Environmental Hazards and the Richmond Laotian American Community: A Case Study in Environmental Justice

by Stephanie Tai

This paper will examine the impact of occupational and environmental hazards on the Laotian American community in the Richmond area of western Contra Costa County, California. This refugee community, ...

Stranded in Japan and the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 Recognition of an Excluded Group of Japanese Americans

by Mark K. Hanasono

The United States government provided redress and reparations for many Japanese Americans injured by its constitutional violations during World War II. The United States has failed, however, to addres...

Representations of Disadvantage: Evolving Definitions of Disadvantage in India's Reservation Policy and United States' Affirmative Action Policy

by Priya Sridharan

This paper contemplates drastic differences in policy trajectories in India and the United States, asking how both seek to repeal inequality in multicultural societies, and confronted by similar chall...

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June 2011

Volume 18

Volume 18 was produced during the 2010-2011 school year.


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