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Asian Americans in the Legal Academy: An Empirical and Narrative Profile

by Pat K. Chew

Although scholars have researched law faculty in general, and some underrepresented groups in particular, Asian American law faculty as a group have been overlooked until now. In this Article, the aut...

A Statistical Analysis of Asian Americans and the Affirmative Action Hiring of Law School Faculty

by Alfred C. Yen

Law schools have long implemented affirmative action faculty hiring practices to remedy past discrimination, increase diversity, and provide role models for students of color. However, there is a grow...

Reconstruction and Racial Nativism: Chinese Immigrants and the Debates on the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments and Civil Rights Laws

by John Hayakawa Torok

The Reconstruction amendments and civil rights law historically have been viewed in the context of African American emancipation, naturalization, and enfranchisement. However, Chinese immigrants’ pres...

Passion and the Asian American Legal Scholar

by Robert S. Chang

In this keynote address, Robert S. Chang asks “But what does it mean to be Asian American? What does it mean to refer to first generation Hmong refugees and fifth generation Chinese Americans as Asian...

Broken Promises: The Status of Expropriated Property in the People's Republic of China

by Elaine Sit

The property rights of many Chinese Americans and Chinese nationals residing in the United States have been affected by the People’s Republic of China’s (China or P.R.C.) government action during this...

Battered Asian American Women: Community Responses from the Battered Women's Movement and the Asian American Community

by Karin Wang

The anti-domestic violence movement has made significant progress in the past twenty years. However, these gains largely have not been realized by Asian American women. The author argues that for Asia...

Review Essay: From Black to White and Back Again

White By Law: The Legal Construction of Whiteness
by Ian Fidencio Haney Lopez. Reviewed by Frank H. Wu

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June 2011

Volume 18

Volume 18 was produced during the 2010-2011 school year.


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