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Understanding Native Hawaiian Rights: Mistakes and Consequences of Rice v. Cayetano

by Kathryn Nalani Setsuko Hong

Hong’s paper examines the Supreme Court case, Rice v. Cayetano and its repercussions on Native Hawaiian legal rights. The opinions in this case are distinctively important because it is the first time...

Arroz Frito With Salsa: Asian Latinos and the Future of the United States

by Carlos Hiraldo

Carlos Hiraldo writes about the small population in the United States of Asian Latinos. In the United States, the media has often portrayed Asians and Latinos as completely separate ethnicities, of ha...

From the Community Lawyers' Lens: The Case of the “Quincy 4” and Challenges to Securing Civil Rights for Asian Americans

by Zenobia Lai and Andrew Leong

Lai and Leong exemplify the case of the “Quincy 4” to address the issues of police brutality and protecting individual liberties, particularly in the Asian American communities. Due to lack of media r...

The De-Minoritization of Asian Americans: A Historical Examination of the Representations of Asian Americans in Affirmative Action Admissions Policies at the University of California

by Sharon S. Lee

Sharon S. Lee sheds light on how education admissions guidelines in the U.S., particularly the University of California, have “de-minoritized” Asian Americans or have been taken away from minority sta...

Challenges of Policy and Practice in Under-Resourced Asian American Communities: Analyzing Public Education, Health, and Development Issues with Cambodian American Women

by Shirley Tang

In this article, Shirley Tang analyzes the demographics of Asian Americans in Metro Boston. From 2000-2005, the Asian American population has out grown all other racial groups in Massachusetts. Inadeq...

For Those Who Had No Voice: The Multifaceted Fight for Redress By and For the “Comfort Women”

by Christine J. Hung

In 1980, the Japanese American community was able to successfully obtain reparations and receive a formal apology from the government for Japanese American internees during WWII. Hung uses Japanese re...

Advancing Diverse Learning for Asian Pacific Islanders

by Khin Mai Aung and Christina Mei-Yeu Wong

Aung and Wong provide compelling evidence to indicate the necessity of having race-specific lesson plans integrated in school districts. The intention of these lesson plans to incorporate individualiz...

Interview: Jeff Adachi

by Jeff Adachi

Jeff Adachi is the elected Public Defender for the City and County of San Francisco, a position he has held since 2002. He is a graduate of University of California, Hastings College of the Law and Un...

The War on Terror and the Rule of Law

by A. Wallace Tashima

After the end of WWII, America has tried to advocate the advantages of the rule of law all over the world. They say that the rule of law holds no one about the law, including the president, and that t...

Introduction to Eddy Zheng

by Thomas Kua

In 1986, when Eddy Zheng was sixteen years old, he and two of his friends broke in the home of a Chinese immigrant family in San Francisco, hoping to find a safe filled with money and other valuable i...

The New Faces of Justice

by Eddy Zheng

In this article, Eddie Zheng is giving a speech at the 8th Annual Bay Area Asian Pacific American Law Students Association Conference where he received the Outstanding Leadership Award. In his speech,...

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June 2011

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