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Toward an Asian American Legal Scholarship: Critical Race Theory, Post-Structuralism, and Narrative Space

by Robert S. Chang

As Asian Americans join the legal academy in growing numbers, they change the face of the academy and challenge its traditional legal doctrines. The author announces an “Asian American Moment” in the ...

Farewell to Jackson-Vanik: The Case for Unconditional MFN Status for the People's Republic of China

by L. Jay Kuo

The Jackson-Vanik Amendment to the 1974 Trade Act linked Most-Favored-Nation (“MFN”) status for “nonmarket economy” countries to the issue of human rights. In recent years, Jackson-Vanik’s mandate has...

Garcia v. Spun Steak Co.: Speak-English-Only Rules and the Demise of Workplace Pluralism

by Edward M. Chen

The increasing number of Asian Pacific Islander and Latino immigrants to the United States has fueled the recent swell of litigation over language rights in the workplace. Under Title VII of the Civil...

Review Essay: Community Lawyering

Rebellious Lawyering: One Chicano’s Vision of Progressive Law Practice
by Gerald P. Lopez. Reviewed by Angelo N. Ancheta

Accent Discrimination and the Test of Spoken English: A Call for an Objective Assessment of the Comprehensibility of Nonnative Speakers

by Beatrice Bich-Dao Nguyen

Immigrants to the United States have been a source of national pride, but also the object of national prejudice. At times, employers have used claims of “unintelligible English” to deny jobs to accent...

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June 2011

Volume 18

Volume 18 was produced during the 2010-2011 school year.


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